Time has flown

It has been forever since I last updated this blog. I suppose blogging is not my forte however prior to my last shopping trip I choose 17 new recipes to give a shot and am drawing near the end so I will have many recipes to eventually post. For now here are just a couple. Hope you enjoy them as much as me and my family. They were a particular favorite for my little girl, as they are primarily a "kids" food.

Double Dipped Chicken Nuggets 6 Servings

¼ c. all purpose flour

½ t. seasoned salt

1 cup finely crushed corn flakes cereal

4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves, cut into 1-inch pieces

¼ c. margarine or butter, melted

1. Heat oven to 400’F. In plastic bag, combine flour and seasoned salt, shake to mix. Place crushed cereal in another plastic bag.

2. Add chicken pieces to flour mixture in bag; shake to coat. Dip floured pieces in margarine; coat with crushed cereal. Place in ungreased 15x10x1-inch baking pan.

3. Bake at 400’F for 15 to 20 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink.

Oven-Fried Potato Wedges 4 Servings

¾ t. salt

½ t. sugar

½ t. paprika

¼ t. ground mustard

¼ t. garlic powder

3 medium unpeeled Idaho or russet baking potatoes (8 to 10 oz each)

Cooking Spray

1. Heat oven to 425’F. In small bowl, mi salt, sugar, paprika, mustard, and garlic powder.

2. Gently scrub potatoes, but do not peel. Cut each potato lengthwise in half; cut each half lengthwise into 4 wedges. Place potato wedges, skin sides down, in ungreased 13x9-inch pan.

3. Spray potatoes with cooking spray until lightly coated. Sprinkle with salt mixture.

4. Bake uncovered 25 to 30 minutes or until potatoes are tender when pierced with a fork. (Baking time will vary depending on the size and type of potato used).


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